Finally using agility

Nov, 2022

I generally will set the titles of my blog or make presentations with lots of memes in them mostly I think as a defensive mechanism because if I can make you laugh then I’ll feel better about myself annnnnd today is no different.

I say finally using agility because I used to be in the RAAF, no I wasn’t a pilot but I can show you an informative image of how planes fly on a conveyor belt.

But in all seriousness, this is how it happens.

I don’t really know, however, I did learn a lot about leadership and personal resilience in my time. Most of us that have served will understand the common sayings that get around one of my favourites is “hurry up and wait” which equates to getting to where someone tells you just to wait for their next order. A lot of the time it is disorganised or you’re not needed so you don’t do anything but you have to be ‘agile’ to drop anything and get to that place to wait.

What I learned from this is not to be fazed when things happen out of the blue and plans change. The example I have this week was I was getting ready to go on a holiday to Perth and then I had one day at home before heading to Maryland for DISC. One day before my flight to Perth all of the people that I had lined up or could have lined up were sent on short notice to flood assist (a lot of my friends are either ex-military or still in because Adelaide is a small country town no matter what the locals say).

This forced me to find new places for my dogs to be taken care of while I was away which broke my heart to have to put Moxie in an AWL shelter. She’s a rescue dog with lots of anxiety problems and doesn’t get on with my other dog Waffle she came from AWL so I’m sure she thought I was abandoning her. The point of all this was I had to make a less-than-ideal compromise in my plans on short notice which I know can really make people freeze up. This is not a massive problem but in the post-covid modern day, I’m sure we all get to points where we have to deal with shit situations like this and I just want to say it sucks but we get through it.

Plus the Moxies in our life get to live their best life when we get home.

Glad I came back.