Dec, 2022

The above picture was me except fatter and more of a piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong this was all my doing and I was hitting another low point mainly in the fitness portion of my life. My days outside of work could be summarised as, can’t be fucked (CBF, because you know we love acronyms).

First let me outline the context. I ruptured my Achilles playing netball for Defence, had it misdiagnosed and needed surgery later than I should have had it. This prolonged recovery.

I also left Defence in Sept 2020 (a general source of fitness because you know those desk jockeys gotta run 2.4km), got a work from home job, seriously got into gaming, diet was already pretty shit, and was drinking probably every second night. None of this I considered excessive but the ‘lifestyle’ had its toll on my body and as I found out later my mind.

During 2021 and even through 2022 I had a CrossFit membership and an Anytime Fitness one (for rehab). I had a physio who is awesome (massive shout out to Matt Ransom in South Australia who is amazeballs) and was hitting all the rehab goals but in that time I probably packed on 10kg. I was trying to get back into the gym but I distinctly remember getting on all my gear, getting into the car, driving to the gym, driving past the gym because “I can’t be fucked…”, and went home.

This is a strange sensation for me since I grew up playing a lot of sport and loved it, and I love the people at CrossFit Fallen but I have been in this space before.

Back in 2011 I’d moved to Sydney was working three jobs, studying full time trying to get the Defence university scholarship. It was rough. I could rant but watch these reasons instead: https://youtu.be/gqFPhsO-2W0 (wasn’t as bad as now but Sydney is always expensive) & University used to be free.

Noticing that same spiral I thought to myself what got me out of it last time? For me it was getting a personal trainer who I liked to talk to and also who knew how to push me. Now I know not everyone is in a position to afford this and I was lucky this time I didn’t have to think twice about it but when I was a student I remember reordering all my finances, cutting out eating out and alcohol, and was training some days at 11pm just to afford it and fit it in.

For me now this has finally started to turn my shit around. I don’t constantly feel like shit and unmotivated. Some days I even manage to hit the gym twice. This is also driving motivation in my other interests like study and cyber training.

I know from experience so much of my extra curricula activity motivation is derived from my training regime.

So where am I today and where am I headed with this? I’m still a heavy S.O.B so look to lose 8-10kg still, I’m eating so much better (it’s not creative but I don’t need that), I’m getting in 8-10 fitness sessions a week (of some form including rehab), I’ve started outside work study again, barely drink except for maybe one day a week and even then it’s only unflavoured gin (how my boss describes vodka), and I’m gaming a lot less.

I know it’s that time of year for resolutions but fuck that this is coincidental and a long journey for it to be at this point.

I’d love to hear what motivates you as a core driver and where you’re headed to next.